What Are The Different Games You Can Play At A Poker Room?

The various types of betting games are addictive but fun, which is why they are becoming popular by the day. The virtual poker sites like 90Agency are full of surprises and a variety of such games. You can login, play any of them, and even earn a hefty amount depending on your skill at the game. We have also listed some of the best games, which you can try out.

Speed poker

This is a comparatively new format of the poker games where players can opt for cash games or tournament format. The standard rules are same, but the game is faster paced. Numerous betting website Singapore have introduced this format of the game owing to its growing popularity.

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Texas Hold’em

This is a popular poker format and in fact considered the favorite form of poker across the world. It is also one of the most played and featured format of poker game across the different websites. The major reason behind this is the simplicity of the game and ease of learning it quickly.


It has many similarities with Texas hold’em but is more action-packed compared to it. It is the second most popular game of poker across the world. The different betting website Singapore features it and gets a number of people who come online just for this game.

  • There are two versions of the game- Omaha high and Omaha Hi-Lo.
  • The high version is easier to play.
  • Learning the game is very easy.

Online poker websites now give you so much more opportunity to enjoy the game from your home, hence if you know the different games, you can quickly decide which one you want to try first.


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